China in recent years has gradually become the global oil painting art market, is also one of the most active artwork

06/03/2017 22:40

Although China in recent years has gradually become the global oil painting art market, is also one of the most active artwork sold worldwide, but the Chinese works of art insurance is still in its relative state of blank, even the most optimistic estimates, also thinks in display, exhibition, trade, at least ninety percent of the domestic art in no insurance "running" state.
As early as the end of 2010, the China insurance regulatory commission and the ministry of culture will be the Chinese insurer, Pacific (5.04 suspension, buy insurance and sinosure 3 companies as works of art insurance pathfinder (14.84 + 0.00%, buy). In July 2011, the insurer to launch the first domestic art "art comprehensive insurance" exclusive insurance products, and successfully signed the domestic art comprehensive insurance for the first order. Today, however, the development of Chinese art insurance market is still in the fledgling stage, in the cultivation of distance development maturity and perfection there is still a long way.
Insurance is a product is mechanism
On January 7, 2004, Beijing HanHai preview of "early spring auction 2004", when a visitor antique curios exhibition hall exhibition, accidentally bump broken glass storefront window, cause the price of 1.2 million yuan blue and white flower six fold branch qing qianlong edge damaged bottle fell on the ground; On July 4, 2011, Beijing museum of ancient ceramics detection research laboratory researchers extracted from the song dynasty of ancient QiWuBu elder brother kiln green glaze kwai disc mouth tray (level b) analysis of nondestructive testing in cultural relics damaged; Of heavy rains on July 21, 2012, Beijing, songzhuang painter village a large number of works of flooding damage... In recent years, many works of art the damaged case caught the attention of the oil painting reproductions public, the art insurance also rise to the surface.
Shanghai university west mu, vice President of the China academy of art industry, in recent years, along with our country art investment scale rapid expansion, art insurance demand increase gradually. Compared with foreign art insurance markets mature, the domestic art insurance is still at the primary stage of the fledgling still remain to popularization and in-depth understanding of art insurance.
As the first foreign insurance company in China art insurance, axa art insurance can be said to be the senior experts in the industry. Axa art insurance, managing director of the Asia Pacific region Sun Guizhen said, the cognition to the art of insurance, the first thing to clarify a concept, namely insurance company is not only charge a premium, or to claim after be or get out of danger, it is more important valuable works of art is to have uniqueness and irreplaceability, cultural heritage, "how the loss before the advent of risk prevention, loss prevention is our responsibility."
Sun Guizhen said, before the customer insurance, the company's professional staff will advise clients with professional, cloth art transport company move-in team and display requirements details, etc, custom oil painting and collaboration with customers, reduce the risk of loss of works of art, on the other hand, axa will according to the customer in the process of operation process, to develop customized insurance policy, "can predict the cost of insurance is used to prevent unknown risks, for clients to pass on risk is also one of the important functions of insurance company. Once the accident claims, our professional claims expert will notify customers are handled in the first place, can also be a global professional repair network recommend to customers, to minimize the loss of works of art."
West mu argues that with the development of the art market, the insurance industry to enter the art of financial innovation is very important, its status and role to the financial development of the art market and art as the banking sector. Insurance, he said, is not only products, but also a mechanism for its assets in addition to the function of the insurance level, but also has the ability of management and construction, "it must be a special emphasis on the power of the insurance management level, perfecting laws and regulations in insurance, on the basis of innovation of new forms, the insurance mechanism into art financial industry innovation platform, we face more hair and a scarcity of high-quality assets, will be excellent culture and art resources asset-like, financialization, and fused the financialization of assets to art asset and wealth management process, it can be said to be the insurance mechanism and based on the insurance mechanism of the development of the platform is a very big development space."
Appropriate insurance is the escort of art
"Art insurance is the most direct means of risk control." West mu said. Axa art insurance, for example, Sun Guizhen introduction, axa art insurance in China at present the main business includes corporate and private collections of art insurance, art exhibition and transportation insurance, insurance, commercial art museum of art exhibition and transport insurance, etc. "If covered art damage damage caused by sudden accident, first of all, the insurance company, according to the claim information to determine whether to belong to the insurance period and within the scope of insurance liability. If it is, the insurance company will suggest to assess damage to the subject matter whether can repair, secondly if can repair, makes a claim according to the reasonable cost of repair report, if the value of art is affected, after repair will be considered a part of the compensation value loss. Public museums and art galleries and private collections in settling the above factors should be considered." Sun Guizhen said.
Art market research center (AMRC) director xue-dong ma said, on the positive side, in recent years, the domestic art insurance has started, many museums, art gallery, exhibition, especially overseas exhibits into domestic, its exhibits are insurance, many museums, art galleries insurance awareness is gradually strengthening, but private insurance is still in a minority.
With the domestic situation is relative, has entered the stage of mature overseas art insurance. Sun Guizhen introduction, abroad, axa art insurance underwriting business has a 60% to 70% are private and corporate collections class of insurance. "Usually is mature in the world, attaches great importance to the collection inheritance private art collectors will buy this kind of insurance policy, and such policies generally cover together with the family property insurance. But at home, because this kind of insurance is not widespread concept, everyone in this private art collection is less than the risk of cognition, so now we still to be works of art insurance business development in China."
In respect of the artist, the artist, she says, is often have exhibition cover art insurance agency, galleries and other units need to loan shows their works, by the debtor or buy in transport and insurance in the process of exhibition, store.
Improve the industry is the premise of the insurance industry development
West mu, points out that in the process of the development of Chinese art market, the development of art insurance market has the vital significance: one is to reduce the artwork after be or get out of danger to individual losses; 2 it is to help the art market standardized appraisal system, to protect against counterfeit Chinese art market risk; Three is to promote the art market in our country in the world art market.
And art to the development of insurance market, the first important problem is the perfection of the whole artwork industry ecology. Xue-dong ma said that the further development of art insurance, depends on the work of art, appraisal system, such as sound. He introduces, in terms of price evaluation work, there are also many agencies are doing, but the insurance company has its own evaluation method, and a mature (more than the auction price reference works, comprehensive works in the primary and secondary market performance, or internal set guide price guide price assessment), often with policy-holder indicative price not match, policy-holder is prone to dissent.

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