Now the mall should provide experiential service, and to undertake the oil painting role of social space

02/03/2017 00:05

"Now the mall should provide experiential service, and to undertake the oil painting role of social space." Internationally renowned architectural firm Aedas global director of Lin Jingheng (Christine Lam) is read that way, and she with another architect, global director of Aedas qi li court (David Clayton) the common design of dalian hang lung is perhaps the best interpretation of this sentence.
Construction should absorb the traditional elements, rather than imitate in the past
Is located in the center of dalian dalian hang lung of wusi square, Olympic square and north and south. Which was built in memory of the represent China to participate in the international Olympic Games first contestant liu changchun, dalian people, built by the dalian hang lung plaza where is dalian people's stadium, originally made room for the new commercial buildings after being discarded. The local district government for designers, design a set of shopping and entertainment in a body's construction, make the city a new landmark.
Modern market how to avoid monotony, and how to merge with local cultural elements. Two designers hope, with one with traditional Chinese elements as design throughout the idea, finally designated as "ruyi double carp".
The best pair of carp
End the double carp modelling of meshes is common in the Chinese lunar New Year pictures and clipart image, on behalf of wealth and abundance. Overlooking the whole store from the air, just as with Pisces collision play, line is the main facade of building, through a series of retail business, the atrium and public space until the tiantai the roof garden in the middle of the square and build up is consistent with the mall walking -process external form.
Internal channel design is tied for the arc, into a circular central corridor contracted shell and tail shape, a symbol of the double carp in the water swimming posture. Roof enclosure spread step by step a stack, and device the sunroof glass, with the introduction of direct and reflected light to illuminate two atrium.
The facade is like the scales of glass
The main facade composed of more than 3000 piece of 2.5 m * 5 m size glass mosaics, to form a smooth surface, under the sun, like glittering fish scales. With LED lights, also can have a remarkable effect in the night.
Play a supporting role in the mall south entrance to the surface of the steel oil painting reproductions structure strut, a Y herringbone. Around the greening design and imitate the appearance of the waves, these are the designer of the concept of original thought.
Y with the function of support structure like a fishbone
Due to the civil relief is 6 meters elevation difference, painting stylist USES this feature implemented the concept of "three layers". Is located in the shopping center in the middle of the central corridor is huge atrium, on either side of the connection and connection in the form of a diagonal is located at the corner of the entrance.
Double carp design for stores to form into cultural elements at the same time, and don't stick to the traditional form, but creatively extracted elements, and absorbed by the function of the design itself. One of the designer qi li court said, in the design of modern pursuit of traditional is a challenge, but should not be the opposite of traditional and modern paradox. "We want to respond to the local culture, not just the past tradition. Further, I hope that architecture should not be a copy of the of the past, and should be geared to the needs of the future, become the new legacy."
Store inside
And inside the mall, architects are injected with many small details, such famous oil painting as the curve form of moving line, to maximize the use of space, providing shops display surface; Shopping corridor width, from bottom to up step by step, is also considering the move and flow pattern of rationalization of design; In addition, from the north of the main entrance into the store hall, will find that in addition to the escalator, also have a large arc shape extending down from the second floor steps. Architects have repeatedly consideration, steps is redundant, but retain after it was accidentally become market within a special landscape. Here visitors spontaneously breaks or photography. It is understood that in the future, big step will be combined with the north hall space, become a fashion show runway.

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